Our Web Design Portfolio


Classic Car Rental

A classic car rental company in Johannesburg.

Baby Tatses


Manufacture organic healthy home prepared meals for babies and toddlers.



BSRI (Business and Social Research Institute) proved research and training across a broad industry sector.


DVL Associates

Human Resource Consulting company. Offering services like, Employee Relations, Labour Law and Disputes, Learning and Development, Employment Equity and Skills Development, etc.



A Cape Town based Company who specializes in renting Street Sweep vehicles and Garbage Trucks to businesses and  govermental departments across South Africa.



An innovative basketball net design accommodating any size player to enjoy the game.


Dr Shaw

A leading Plastic and Reconstructive Surtgeon based in Alberton.



A debt counseling company, assisting and teaching individuals on how to manage their debt, and assisting people who have debt problems not to loose their assets to debt collectors.


EO Architects

Cape Town Based Archetect Company

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Rosehip Farm

Rosehip farm, produce and supply a range of rosehip products in bulk to the health, beauty and makeup and pet industries across South Africa and abroad.


Orange Projects

A shop fitting and construction company based in Cape Town.


Your Storage

Your Storage based in Mid Rand, supply innovative storage  facilities using crate based storage system.


Brighton Body & Spray

A auto body shop based in Cape Town.



South Africa’s leading Voice logging and voice recording solution, for corporates and small businesses alike.



Cape Town based company who supply Garbage trucks, Street Sweeper trucks and Cement Mixer Trucks to businesses and muncipalites accross South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, & Lesotho



An event supply company for all social events

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Ecotech Group

One of South Africa’s leading composite material decking, walling and cladding and patio furniture companies. They specialize on bespoke corporate work and working with development companies.

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Makeup by Cari-Jenna

Cari-Jenna is a professional makeup artist who supply’s services to the acting industry, weddings etc.


Checker Hire

Refuse trucker hiring company based in Cape Town.


Bren's Driving School

A Durban based driving school

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Southend Security

Armed response company providing residential and business security in the south of Johannesburg.

What Better Way to Showcase Your Products and Services!

Website Design

Websites are invaluable… weather you need a website for that hobby you are so passionate about or want to start a small Mom and Pop business from home, or you need a website for your corporate company, having a web presents is a necessity.

Our Experience

We have been designing and hosting websites for our clients since 2002, and this has given us the experience of designing websites across a vast variety of industries ranging from: 

  • plastic surgery
  • energy drinks
  • mining equipment
  • food industry
  • herbal supplements
  • religious websites
  • websites focusing on the  saving the environment
  • Security and armed response
  • carbon credits
  • research institutes
  • health and wellness
  • storage
  • VIP Entourage, just to mention a few.

So we are confident that we we’ll be able to create a user friendly website site which will showcase your products and services in a modern professional designed.

Versatile Web Design

All the sites we create can, at any point be expanded too, by adding a Blog as well as an on-line eCommerce store.  This allows your website to grow with your business without requiring a complete redesign.

Mobile Ready

This goes without saying,  as everyone uses mobile devices to access the internet, having a website which offers a great user experience, no matter what device the visitor is using, is a must, and especially since Google officially announced in March 2018 that they will be ranking websites as “mobile first”,  which means if someone searches on a mobile device Google will show results of mobile friendly websites over websites which are not mobile friendly.


To  ensure  that all data information sent between your website and the web server is secure, you will have a SSL certificate installed on your domain. This is also a requirement from Google as user experience has always been Google’s the first priority.

Website Platform

We offer website design on the WordPress platform.

WordPress is our choice of content management system type websites, as it is the most popular CMS website plateform on the internet with around 27% of all websites using WordPress.

We only use professional WordPress themes and no free theme options, this ensures that your website will always be up-to-date with the latest updates and features into the future.

Complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss your requirments

Website Design Request

Type of website required

Development Time Line

The turnaround time is generally in the region of 5 to 7 working days on condition that we receive all your text content, logos, imagery and photographs prior to the start of the development work.

Design Process

Once we have discussed your requirements, we then create the first couple of pages of your website, keeping in mind what industry you are in, what colour scheme you prefer, and any other design criteria your have requested.

Should you approve, we then continue with the rest of the website development, should you not approve, we will then create a look and feel, until you’re happy with what we have to offer.

Your website will be developed under a temporary development domain, this will ensure that only you will have access to the website during the development period.

The completed site will only be installed under your actual working domain once you have approved the website design, functionality and it’s contents.

Where you host your site is important!

Should you be hosting your website with us, our system automatically backs up your entire website, database and emails every morning between 2 and 5 a.m. and each of these backups are kept for 14 days, this is very important should any problem occur on the website or Database you’ll be able to restore your site within half an hour.

Your site will be hosted how fast web servers running SSD drives.

Our web and email servers are situated in two min secure data centres, one being in Johannesburg and the other in Cape Town, and both data centres are manned 24/7.